Internet Enabled Alarms

Internet Enabled Alarm System Melbourne

As more and more people decide to switch from traditional phone lines to alarm monitoring via internet providers, so does the technology for internet enabled alarm system in Melbourne. It continues to evolve in order to meet customer demand.

ADACS is pleased to offer our residential customers the very latest options when it comes to a home alarm system with internet monitoring capability. This involves an internet connected alarm system to the monitoring station via your home’s DSL, cable or wireless internet connection.

The Benefits of Switching To an Internet Home Alarm System

  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of switching to alarm monitoring over internet is the many features you can access from any computer or Smartphone. These can include your security cameras and entry systems, as well as other devices in the home. This centralised remote management system helps keep you in control of your property’s security no matter where you are.
  • Because internet burglar alarm systems are always on – and always connected to a central monitoring station – you benefit from constant protection of your family, property and assets.
  • Another major benefit is that an internet based home alarm system will avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional phone lines, which can include slow connections and line problems.

Internet Home Alarm Monitoring with the NBN

It is important to note that many existing monitored alarm systems may not be compatible with the new technologies involved in the National Broadband Network (NBN) – so if you would like to connect your system to the NBN, please contact ADACS first.

ADACS’ general recommendation is that customers wanting to connect directly to the NBN network for their internet alarm monitoring services transition instead to 3G Wireless. This end-to-end system utilises one or more 3G mobile data networks to create a secure path of communication between your home and the monitoring station, meaning your system can communicate during power outages.

For more information on our services for home alarm with internet monitoring, please contact ADACS. We would be happy to discuss a tailored approach to internet home security systems that meets your lifestyle, needs and budget. Call us on 1800 002 300 or email to enquire about our people counting solutions.

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