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ADACS’ smart alarm systems in Melbourne is the best interactive home security and automation solutions that combine a number of technologies that work in harmony to ensure home protection that meets your unique needs. Our alarm communication is among the fastest, most secure, and most reliable available on the market, giving you total peace of mind.

Total Control from Wherever You Are

ADACS allows you to stay connected with your smart security alarm system from anywhere in the world, with the ability to:

  • Receive real-time alarm status updates
  • Remotely arm and disarm the system from your phone, tablet or computer
  • Be instantly alerted when a security alarm goes off
  • Receive notifications when members of your household arrive home
  • Control home control devices such as thermostats, helping to lower your energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment
  • Manage your account details, alarm codes, notifications and the access level of each user

Real-time Monitoring & Recording

Our interactive home security systems allow you to:

  • Set cameras to record home security events automatically
  • Monitor your property from several cameras simultaneously
  • Receive professional 24/7 alarm monitoring by the industry’s best
  • Check on your pets or family when you’re away
  • Check the status of your alarm activity, security system, sensors and other home control devices, including your smart home water monitoring alarm and automatic shutoff system
  • View your video recordings to see who’s been coming and going

Smart Phone Integration

Use the smart phone app to enjoy centralised control of your entire home security system from wherever you are. This app allows you to manage a full range of connected devices – including locks, cameras, lights, garage doors and thermostats – and to quickly install new home control devices yourself.

If you’re interested to get the best alarm system or in upgrading to an interactive home security system, please contact ADACS. Call us on 1800 002 300 or email to enquire about our people counting solutions.

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