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People Counting Solution Melbourne

Optimise your traffic, staff and marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and profits with people counting solution in Melbourne that provides real-time data like our retail customer traffic counters. ADACS’ V Count 2D and 3D customer intelligence and analytics solutions provide a valuable insight into the spending and interaction habits of consumers in your retail or service environment.

Every business with a physical space should implement a people counting system that enables them to gain a bigger picture of what is going on in their business. By employing people counters like a people counting sensor for libraries, shopping centres, retail chains, museums, sporting venues, banks, restaurants or other establishments, you will be able to make well-informed decisions about your business.

people counting solution melbourne


The Benefits of Implementing a Customer Intelligence Platform

People counting with a foot traffic counter in your retail store allows business owners and managers to really enhance the understanding of their business. Using customer intelligence analytics derived from the information obtained by customer traffic counters, managers and owners can benchmark businesses, figure out the conversion rate for each spot to see the real performance, and efficiently allocate staff according to hourly visitor traffic.

  • Real time people counting
  • Conversion rates
  • Benchmarking
  • Peak sale/traffic hours
  • Staff optimisation
  • Magic ratio
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Group counting

Once you’ve been able to tweak or streamline with our customer intelligence software, you’ll begin to see value in terms of revenue, profit and efficiency.

Why Use People Counting in Different Industries

People Counting in Retail

Retail stores are dynamic environments with ever-changing customer behaviour, so people counting is vital for retailers so they can know the exact number of visitors, the exact number of visitors that turned into buyers, and their optimal number of staff to customer ratio to maximise customer satisfaction.

People Counting in Libraries & Museums

Libraries and museums rely on government funding. In order to receive the necessary amount of grants, they need to be able to accurately judge their footfall. Customer intelligence will be able to let them know how many people visit the premises. By using people counters for libraries and museums, they can ensure they’ll receive their government grants accordingly.

People Counting in Airports

Airports are some of the busiest and most dynamic places in the world. The most important aspect for airports is to allocate staff accordingly, so people counting information is crucial for them to know exactly how many people come in and out and also at the security check lines.

People Counting in Supermarkets

A supermarket’s goal is to turn all visitors into frequent buyers. With customer count data, supermarkets will know how many visitors they get and how many they converted into buyers. People counting information also helps with staff allocation to maximise customer satisfaction.

People Counting in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls draw lots of visitor traffic; not only because of shopping opportunities, but also for entertainment value. With people counting, you will be able to see which areas are most crowded and attractive and thus shape your marketing attractions and planning accordingly.

People Counting at Events and Expos

Events and expos are important grounds to make lasting impressions and present products and services. With people counting, sponsors and owners know the exact number of visitors, peak hours, and staff allocation accordingly with the number of visitors.

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