3D+ Alpha

Foot Traffic Measurement Melbourne

foot traffic measurement melbourneOur latest tool for foot traffic measurement in Melbourne, the V-Count 3D Alpha+, provides a minimum 98% counting accuracy rate with its double lens, stereo vision technology, the highest technology available in the people counting market right now. It could be said that it is the most accurate and reliable way to measure people’s footfall activity in and out of a physical space.

The unit’s bi-directional feature can count entering and exiting people at the same time, and reports these numbers separately. Moreover, by subtracting exiting from entering count, you can have an idea of when locations are most occupied, along with peak hours for visitor traffic.

V-Count 3D Alpha+ has Wi-Fi technology embedded within the unit. In addition to calculating people count, it provides Wi-Fi tracking data including draw-in rate, average dwell time, retention rate and staff elimination.

V-Count 3D Alpha+ is designed for retailers, entertainment venues, mall operators, healthcare facilities and others who want to understand how people enter, move through and exit physical spaces. The unit can provide a wide range of traffic, queue, and other behavioral metrics. This provides you with additional information about your customers and their shopping behavior. It is now possible to get all this data in one device with its combined technology.

To learn more about 3D Alfa+ and how to measure foot traffic effectively, contact the team at ADACS Safety Systems today. Call us on 1800 002 300 or email sales@adacs.com.au.

V-Count 3D+ Alpha Device Specifications
Device Dimensions H:225mm, W:170 D:40 mm Rectangular Cover
Packing Dimensions 257x224x91mm (WxDxH)
Device Weight 382g
Package Weight 1404g
Lens Options Min. Height 2.5 meters, Max. Height 5 meters
POE IEEE802.3af (48 V DC)
Interface HTTP / HTTPS
Operating System Linux Based V-Count OS
Time NTP, Adjustable Timezone, Automatic Daylight Saving Adjustments
Ethernet Connection Yes
Wi-Fi Connection Yes
3G Connection Yes
Data Storage 20 Years offline storage with auto synchronization
User Levels 3 Levels: Admin, Standard, Guest User
Cabling Cat5 – Cat6
Operating Environmental Specs Temperature: 10°C to 35°C, Humidity: 10% to 90%
Storage Environmental Specs Temperature: -40°C to 70°C, Humidity: 10% to 95%
Accuracy 98%

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