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ADACS Security Systems provides cloud solutions in Melbourne so you can access your security information anywhere when you need it.

icon-analyticsAccurate reporting is a vital tool for businesses to analyze their operations and use that information for the decision-making process. We deliver you different reports for different departments and functions. These reports can be automated, customised and sent anytime.

icon-dataFrom the minute we start counting, we gather all of your data and store it in our Cloud system. Our infinite storage cloud gathers people counting data from our sensors or any other people counting sensor you may use, your sales and revenue data, your marketing campaigns, weather data from our databases. All these data are analysed with machine learning methods to deliver actionable data about your stores, campaigns, investments, products, and operations.

icon-tabletV Count provides also provides business mobile services that includes an application that gives you access to people counting data. Using the mobile application allows you to manage operations from anywhere, in real-time. All you need is your mobile phone!


V-Cloud analyses your customer traffic combining various metrics such as revenue and staff count automatically. This information can then be turned into action plans for increasing profitability and efficiency in your business.
We have a breakthrough feature that analyses the correlation between the weather and your sales. We also show the percentage of this correlation, and compare the numbers of each of your stores so you know which stores get affected from weather, and which don’t.
We make sure all our Cloud reporting is easy to understand. We use different types of tables, graphs and charts. We even have Pie Charts comparing your traffic in different locations, different door entrances and even between the weekdays and weekends.
You can set automatic E-mail triggers to inform you when a store or door count reached a certain number, or drops down below a certain percentage. This will enable you to make flash decisions if necessary.

Interested in our Cloud Solution but already using another People Counting device?

No problem.

  • We provide the full integration of our Cloud Solution into your existing hardware. No matter what your existing brand is, we can help you upgrade your reporting system by switching to V-Count.
  • With minimum hassle and at no extra cost, we can make your People Counting Solutions turn data into real profits.
  • Not only that, we do integration of the software for free for orders of 50+ People Counting Units. And for the first 2 months of all orders, we give away our Cloud Subscription for free!



User-friendly Direct connection to V-Cloud User authorization available

Store Analysisstore-analysis_resized

Easily choose between stores & dates Hour, day, week, month & year display Table & graphic display

Live Streamcustomers-vs-store_resized

See your customer / staff ratio from each of your stores Get people counting data and customer / staff ratio in real-time!

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