2GIG Smart Alarm System

ADACS Smart Alarm System brings you smart, cost-effective security that is reliable and secure with an encrypted military-grade system, letting you sync your home automation system with all your day-to-day requirements via our ADACS Smart Alarm APP.

Customise all of your scenarios such as turning your light on before you get home, control locks, thermostats and more. It’s a brilliant way to make your home a little smarter and protect and manage what matters to you the most.


Door Bell Camera

Your front doorstep is a very busy place. Never miss a moment with a ADACS Smart Alarm Video Doorbell.

Remotely view everything from your front door at all times.

Our video doorbell camera allows you to see, talk to and video capture every visitor who comes to your door.


Home Security

You're a renter? Does that mean you don’t care about your home and belongings? No, of course not! So why aren’t alarm companies paying attention to your security needs?

For most renters, a lengthy contract simply doesn’t make sense. You may be in your current apartment or house for a short time or no more than a year. You certainly don’t want to buy a security system and then leave it behind a few months later.

Are you stuck with no home security? What about your valuable electronic equipment? You deserve peace of mind too. That’s why we offer our ADACS Wireless Home Smart Alarm System.


ADACS Smart Alarm System

The ADACS Smart Alarm System has its own inbuilt encrypted SIM card and does not need a wifi connection to transmit signals.

Traditional WiFi systems can be easily hacked. With our military grade encryption, this prevents hackers gaining access to your home security system.


Frequently Asked Questions

With ADACS Smart Alarm APP, you can control your home security.

Introducing Smart Alarm

It’s built with the most sophisticated technology you can find. It’s the only device of its kind that can transform your home into a safer smart home right out of the box.

Stay In Control With Mobile Access

With the ADACS Smart Alarm APP you can control your home security system from your phone.

It works with Android and IOS.

All you need is an Internet connection, smart phone and the ADACS Smart Alarm APP.