Smart Security

Our ADACS Smart Alarm APP lets you control and monitor your system anywhere in the world from your smart phone or tablet.

  • Arm and disarm your system from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • Receive alerts on who is arming and disarming your system.
  • Receive immediate alerts on any activity in your home.
  • Set up or change any features to your system.
  • Check in on kids or pets with live streaming video.
  • Review previously recorded videos.
  • Control lights and other smart home features.

Smart Doors & Locks

In today’s world of automation, smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular and highly valued. Your front door is the main access point to your home and offers thieves a prime opportunity to break in with little damage or evidence left behind. Protecting your doors is the first essential step to home safety and security.

Before purchasing and installing an automatic door lock (often referred to as a smart lock), it’s important to ask yourself whether adding one to your home security system would be the right option for you, your home, and your family.


Smart Control

Our 'Home Control' Device Gives You Clever Smart Home Automation From Your Smart Phone.

Our alarm systems aren’t just for security. Turn your house into a smart home with automation devices.

Want to turn the lights or lamp on and open your garage door before you get home? No problem.

Perform a systems check from another country? You got it.

You can automate your home from anywhere in the world by logging in to our APP on your smart phone.


Smart Video

Suddenly you’re alerted to the sound of your alarm system going off. If you have a security system that has a camera, via the APP you can check to see what is going on and make an informed decision about what to do next.

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras available.
  • Continuous recording.
  • Stores footage for 30 days in the event of an alarm activation.
  • Footage stored on an internal SD card.

24/7 Control Room Monitoring

Monitored alarm systems are the premium option for many families and businesses. The convenience and safety of a monitored alarm system are proven to be a more comprehensive solution.

If any of your alarms go off, you will be notified by the monitoring station via telephone. The professional control room operators can assess the situation and if necessary, send emergency services to your residence to help resolve the problem.

You don’t have to do a single thing!

That feeling of peace of mind is irreplaceable.


Self-Monitoring: Economic and Adaptable

Maybe you can’t afford a professionally monitored system right now, or maybe you’re not convinced it’s worth the investment at the moment. That’s okay! You still have options available to you to help protect your premises.A self monitored security system is the answer.

This type of monitoring sends real time push notifications to your smart phone for all alarm activations, alerting you in real time if there is a breach. The financial benefit alone makes this option better for some people.


ADACS Smart Alarm System

The ADACS Smart Alarm System has its own inbuilt encrypted SIM card and does not need a WiFi connection to transmit signals. Traditional WiFi systems can be easily hacked.

With our military grade encryption, this prevents hackers gaining access to your home security system.


Frequently Asked Questions

With ADACS Smart Alarm APP, you can control your home security.

Introducing ADACS Smart Alarm

It’s built with the most sophisticated technology you can find. It's the only device of its kind that can transform your home into a safer smart home right out of the box.

Stay In Control With Mobile Access

With the ADACS Smart Alarm APP you can control your home security system from your phone.

It works with Android and IOS.

All you need is an Internet connection, smart phone and the ADACS Smart Alarm APP.