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Touch Panel comes with every system, it’s the key to your peace of mind.

  • Two-way voice communication gets you help fast.
  • When this thing goes off, intruders will run.
  • Smash and grab protection outsmarts intruders.
ADACS Alarm Panel
2GIG Panel Complete

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2GIG Panel Complete is a 24/7 Smart Security & Automation at your fingertips.
Burglary and Intrusion Sensors
2GIG Door Window Sensor

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Set your system to send a notification whenever a major door or window is opened or closed.

2GIG Pet Immune Motion Detector

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The Passive Infrared Motion Detector is a wall‐mounted unit with wide‐angle motion protection. The PIR’s pet‐immune feature can be set to tolerate animals up to 32kgs.
2GIG Glassbreak Detector

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Our glass break sensors detect the unique sound and frequency of breaking glass.
2GIG Wireless Outdoor Siren

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The Wireless Outdoor Siren has a built in Siren and strobe, the siren will sound in an emergency situation.
Environmental Detectors
2GIG Smoke/Heat Detector

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Our smoke and heat sensors provide highly-effective fire protection through comprehensive, fully monitored detection.
Remote and Medical Alert
2GIG 4 Button Keyfob Remote

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Close control is Key.
2GIG Single Panic Button Remote

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No need to panic.
Hikvision 6MP Indoor Cube Camera

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Hikvision 6MP Indoor Cube Camera with mic and speaker.

Which plan best meets your needs?

Contract-free, 24/7 alarm monitoring. It’s like a big security blanket for your home.

Self Monitoring


  • Mobile App Arm/Disarm
  • Alerts via Email
  • Push Notifications
  • 100% Wireless and Cellular
  • Unique User Codes
  • Sensor History
  • Full Activity Log
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All features of Self Monitoring Plus:
  • 24/7 Professional Control Room Monitoring
  • Self Diagnosing System
  • Push Notifications
  • Fire Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Self Managed Account Services
  • Home Automation
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All Features of Professional:
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Video and Image History
  • Motion-Activated Recording Clips and Alerts
  • Cloud Storage
  • 2-Way Radio
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