GPRS: The Latest Technology in Monitoring

GPRS Monitoring System Melbourne

Our GPRS monitoring system in Melbourneoperates on the 3G mobile phone network with Dual Sim

At ADACS Security Systems, we use the latest wireless alarm monitoring technology available, General Packet Radio Service or GPRS monitoring system in Melbourne. Alarm transmission technologies have evolved in recent years, reaching its current peak with the GPRS alarm system. Mobile data networks have changed the way alarms are transmitted and eliminated the need for a fixed phone line. The GPRS system in mobile phones enables constant polling between your premises and the monitoring station. This ensures that your residential or commercial property remains under constant protection.

Benefits of GPRS Mobile Phone Monitoring

Using GPRS monitoring enables you to take advantage of these wireless alarm monitoring benefits:

  • No phone lines
  • No call charges
  • No phone line rental
  • Increased security through constant polling.

It’s streamlined – With GPRS security monitoring, you don’t need to pay for other equipment such as mode 3 sockets and phone lines. You also don’t need to pay for call costs for reporting and testing, and you don’t need the system decommissioned if you decide to cancel it.

It’s secure – The GPRS mobile network doesn’t use a telephone line, so it is much more secure. Direct wireless alarm monitoring also eliminates the possibility of having a telephone line tampered with or faults on the line affecting the monitoring.

It’s wireless – GPRS is a fast, cost-effective and highly secure way to get alarm signals from your premises to our monitoring station. The GPRS system uses a standalone unit with a dual-sim card operating on the 3G mobile phone network.

This is the wireless alarm monitoring equipment we use:

ADACS is proud to be one of the leading Permaconn dealers in Victoria. Compact in size and boasting AES 128 encryption for alarm data, Permaconn wireless alarm monitoring delivers its users a permanent and secure link between the central station and the client’s home or workplace property.

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