Dialler Monitoring

Dialler Alarm System Melbourne

One of three types of alarm monitoring systems available from ADACS Security Systems is the digital dialler alarm system Melbourne residents trust. Unlike GPS and GPRS monitoring systems which operate wirelessly, dialler control room monitors work on a standard phone line, or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Each time the digital dialler alarm system creates and sends a signal to the ADACS control room monitors, the customer’s phone service providers apply the relevant call charges. The same goes for the dialler burglar alarm system.

Low Cost, Easily Installed

The dialler communication setup is most commonly used by residential and small commercial customers. Its relative low cost and easy installation make the alarm dialler one of the most favoured options.

Alarm systems that communicate via a dialler may be set up to send a test signal to the control room monitors at a desired interval. This signal is generally programmed to be sent each 7 days, or 168 hours (ask us for more information regarding this). The monitoring centre’s system regularly sets customers’ accounts to present a failed event via report if no signal has been received in the designated time period. Should a ‘test failed’ event be reported, ADACS will pass this information on for actioning, or contact you immediately if the system is used primarily for duress or medical purposes.

Consult the Specialists in Dialler Alarm Monitoring Systems

ADACS Security Systems specialises in the setting up of alarm dialler monitoring systems and control room monitors. To discuss your existing alarm monitoring system with an experienced professional, or to look at implementing a dialler-based system for your residential or commercial premises, contact ADACS today. Call us on 1800 002 300 or email sales@adacs.com.au.

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