What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm Monitoring Melbourne

ADACS offers reliable alarm monitoring on Melbourne. It’s one thing to have an alarm system set up in your home or business premises when you’re there to monitor it, it’s another thing if you have an alarm monitoring service if you’re not on site. What if a trespasser has breached the premises? How do you deal with the situation then? ADACS Security Systems is one of Australia’s premier back to base security alarm monitoring companies. We can provide 24/7 surveillance and monitoring services for your Melbourne home or commercial property, ensuring that we’ve got you covered when you’re not around.

We provide alarm monitoring services for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Intruder alarm security monitoring
  • Medical alarm monitoring

Thanks to our industry-leading back to base alarm monitoring software in conjunction with staff that boasts a wealth of training and expertise, you can be confident that your property will be kept safe when you can’t keep an eye on it yourself.

Why Should I Use Alarm Monitoring?

Using alarm monitoring gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is monitoring your intruder, fire and medical alarm systems. Security monitoring companies use special telephone lines, alarm receivers, software and trained staff to monitor their customers’ systems and call the appropriate people in the event an alarm signal is received. This helps keep your property, your family and your belongings safe. Using a monitored alarm system service can also reduce the premiums you pay for your insurance, saving you money in the long term.

Enquire with One of Australia’s Premier Alarm Companies

For the most effective alarm monitoring Melbourne and Australia wide, get in touch with the seasoned professionals at ADACS Security Systems. Give us a call on 1800 002 300 or email sales@adacs.com.au to learn more about our back to base monitoring services.

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