Video Surveillance Cameras Melbourne

The best video surveillance cameras Melbourne and surrounds rely on are available from one of the professional video surveillance security companies around, ADACS Security Systems. Known as Videofied, it is a wireless, cordless, and weatherproof video security system, proven to be an excellent candidate for a large variety of outdoor applications. Developed by RSI Video Technologies, this outdoor video camera boasts a wealth of features that takes wireless video surveillance to the next level. Ideal for the home, the workplace, and the grounds that surround them both, Videofied provides you with a new and sophisticated video CCTV experience.

How the Videofied Video Monitoring System Can Help You

We’re all aware of the ‘false alarm’, when a security alarm unexpectedly starts up at home or place of business when there has been no incident. If police answered every false alarm, they wouldn’t have time for essential police work, so in many cases, they will seek verification before treating an alarm as a priority matter. If an incident has taken place and has been captured on CCTV video or camera video surveillance, the combination of alarm and video security footage – essentially what Videofied offers – is sufficient verification for the police to visit your home or place of business as a matter of priority.

Superior Video Surveillance Features

Videofied introduces a wealth of features that make video surveillance that much more sophisticated. With the Look-in capability, smartphone app management, and faster-than-ever video alarm transmission of the new Indoor MotionViewer, you can introduce priority response and interactive control into your home, office or business for a verified video alarm that expedites law enforcement response.

If outdoor security cameras haven’t worked for you in the past, it’s time to try Videofied, they’re the perfect exterior video surveillance cameras for residential or commercial use that delivers the response you want. Videofied takes video surveillance equipment to the next level. Call ADACS on 1800 002 300 or email to learn more.

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