Analogue Surveillance

Analog Security Camera System Melbourne

If you prefer an analog security camera system Melbourne residents and some business establishments still use, ADACS will gladly accommodate your security requirement.

Still widely used in Australia and across the world, there continues to remain a place for an analog security system in a digital universe. Often found in small businesses that might not be able to afford an IP surveillance system or simply might not need an advanced system, the analog CCTV camera sends analogue signals to a Video Cassette Recorder which records those signals as footage. The VCR is kept on site at a particular location and is only available to select people.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet highly effective analog security camera for your business, contact the professionals at ADACS Security Systems.

Analog Camera Features

ADACS is one of Melbourne’s premier analog security system suppliers and installers. We’ll ensure the cameras are located discreetly inside and outside of your premises, and we’ll also organise the set up of the recorder in your office or other preferred location. In order to capture a complete day’s worth of footage on a 3 or 4 hour cassette, the video recorder can be set to time lapse basis, which records about four frames per second but allows for 24 hours of continuous recording. Your newly installed analog CCTV camera will provide you with added peace of mind whether you’re on the premises or not.

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