Campus Security System Melbourne

For campus security system in Melbourne you can depend on, ADACS Security is it! We have the technology and expertise to meet the unique security needs of educational institutions ranging from pre-schools to university campuses. Our services in this area extend from CCTV security cameras in schools and school alarm systems to Internet Protocol (IP) monitoring and cloud-based security issues.

Counting prestigious private school Melbourne Girls Grammar among our valued clients, we take pride in giving you peace of mind on an integrated system that protects your premises, its assets, and of course, staff and students.

Whether you require a state-of-the-art school fire alarm, school access control systems, school internet security, panic alarm system for schools, advice on security cameras for schools, or an assessment of your current system, we can tailor a solution that meets your requirements.

Our Services Ensure Safety and Security in Schools

ADACS’ capabilities in the educational sector cover both online and on-premises security, including:

  • Video surveillance in schools (including installation of CCTV for schools)
  • Access control systems
  • Network cabling
  • Alarm systems for schools
  • Alarm monitoring (including ADACS Web Connect), provided 24/7

We also offer a number of Next-Generation services, including:

  • IP surveillance
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Smartphone security solutions (including video verification)
  • Biometrics (facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, etc.)
  • GPRS monitoring

Contact Us for Your Tailored Solution

To ensure we are best able to meet your needs and budget, we commence by sitting down with you to perform an assessment of your institution. This helps us determine our recommendations when it comes to alarm systems, access control, and the need for a CCTV camera in school. We can also provide in-depth advice on surveillance cameras in schools (pros and cons, where they should be installed, what number should be installed, etc.)

For more information on our services for security systems in schools, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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