Pet Friendly Alarm Systems

Pet Friendly Home Alarm Systems Melbourne

Pet Surveillance2If you’re planning your next holiday and want to leave the family pet in familiar surroundings, there’s a reliable provider of pet friendly home alarm Systems Melbourne residents go to: ADACS Security Systems.

We’re also pet owners so we understand that you’d rather leave your pets at home rather than put them in a boarding kennel. But that leaves one important question: with the house security system activated, how will the alarm differentiate between your four-legged friend and an actual intruder? No need to worry – with ADACS’ pet friendly alarm systems, you’ll be able to keep your property safe and secure from burglars while allowing your pet to roam freely inside the house – thanks to pet immune motion detectors and pet friendly alarm systems. Pet friendly house alarms enable your pet to guard your house from the inside without being a security problem themselves.

Protect Your Home and Your Pet

By installing ADACS’ pet immune motion detectors around your property, you can allow our alarm monitoring specialists to safely distinguish between your pets and actual trespassers on your premises. These specific motion sensors can detect the difference between an intruder and your pet, allowing your pets to move freely within the premises without tripping the alarm.

We can also use these alarm sensors for pets to notify of extreme temperatures or an outdoor gate that’s left open, helping to prevent your pet from escaping or being stolen.

Enquire About Alarm Systems for Pets Today

With their high-tech intuitive design, our pet immune motion sensor systems are an essential security measure for any home with dogs, cats or other free-roaming pets. If you’d like to enquire about a cat or dog sensor alarm for your premises, call us today on 1800 002 300 or email for more information.

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