Medical Alarms

Personal Medical Alarms Melbourne

Medical alert devices save lives and ADACS offers personal medical alarms in Melbourne. They are especially useful for people alone in public or at home alone who need urgent assistance. Whether it’s an emergency bracelet that provides information on allergies, or a medical alert bracelet that alerts emergency services that the wearer needs urgent attention after a fall at home, they become essential tools for many men and women of all ages in Australia. We can also provide a personalised medical bracelet for the user. For quality made medical alert systems that do precisely what they need to do, get in touch with ADACS Security Systems.

Medical Bracelets for Women and Men

ADACS has a full range of the latest medical alarm systems, designed and programmed to meet strict health and safety standards in Australia. From medical bracelets for men and women that explain their existing medical condition or detail any allergies, to a senior alert system that alerts the nearest next of kin that they have taken a fall in their home, medical alert devices provide assistance to those who need it when they need it most.

We can also provide button devices that enable emergency assistance to be notified when pressed via a signal sent to the control room. This duress alarm allows police or medical response to be notified and attend to the emergency

The Medical Alert Necklace That Can Save Lives

If a friend or someone in your family has a medical condition and often spends time alone, put them onto the medical alert necklace that saves lives. Contact us today to learn about our complete range of medical alert jewellery, including medical alert necklaces and medical bracelets for men and women.

To learn more medical alarms, contact the team at ADACS Safety Systems today. Call us on 1800 002 300 or email

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