Facial Recognition Access Control Systems

There are so many developments every single day in the world of access control systems, yet facial recognition technology remains one of the most cutting-edge solutions for securing your business. 

At ADACS, we offer a range of state-of-the-art facial recognition access control systems so that you can take your businesses security to the next level – gone are the days of relying solely on CCTV security systems or key fob access control systems, facial recognition technology is guaranteed to keep your business extra safe and secure. 

What is face recognition access control? 

Whilst it might seem like something from an old school movie about the future, face recognition access control systems are some of the most secure in the business thanks to their sophisticated technology that uses your face to grant or deny access to any secured areas. 

Facial recognition acts as a seamless and contactless way to authenticate that someone has the correct clearance to be in your business’s most secure spaces. Whilst key fobs and PINs can be easily passed between people who may not have authorisation, facial recognition access control is pretty foolproof in ensuring only authorised individuals get access to your businesses secure areas. 

What are the benefits of a face recognition access control system? 

At ADACS our face recognition access control systems come alongside a slew of benefits that will help ensure the security and safety of your business. Say goodbye to physical swipe cards or key fobs and instead enjoy the luxury of having a completely integrated access control system. 

Face recognition access control systems significantly reduce the number of unauthorised access, enhances your security and also adds a layer of convenience making facial recognition access control systems a streamlined experience for all employees. 

Why choose ADACS? 

At ADACS, we ensure that all of our facial recognition access control systems are high-quality and expertly installed by our team of professionals. You can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best when it comes to facial recognition systems when you choose to invest with ADACS. Take your security systems to the next level and contact us today. 

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