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Alarm System Components Melbourne

ADACS Security is your dependable supplier of alarm system components Melbourne and surrounds turn to for parts and replacements. We are the go-to components supplier for Bosch alarm and Hill Systems Melbourne security experts recommend to the business owners and homeowners alike. We also carry parts and components for Hills NX Alarms Melbourne residential and commercial establishments use.

The control panel and easy to use keypad are the brains of your alarm, it connects to all the other products that make up your alarm system and allows you to enable and disable alarms. It also includes a tamper switch should someone try to ‘tamper’ with your alarm system. If you have more than one entrance an extra keypad can be installed.

internal-sounder-1 internal-sounder-2
Internal Sounder

Emits a loud alarm inside the house. This alerts anyone at home of a possible danger in the house.

external-siren-2 external-siren-1
External Siren & Strobe

The siren box is placed on the exterior of the home and sounds/flashes when the system is in alarm. A siren box also acts as a deterrent for burglars by indicating an alarm is present.

motion-detectorpir-1 motion-detectorpir-2
Motion Detector/PIR

Installed to detect movement in particular areas of your home.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Activates your alarm in the event that heat or smoke is detected, to enable the despatch of an emergency response, whether you are home or away.

Key Fob

Key fobs allow easy wireless system control similar to a car alarm, so that you can arm and disarm the system remotely.

Door Contacts

Otherwise known as reed switches, door and window contacts are designed to help provide perimeter security.

Pet Sensitive PIR Detector

Installed to detect movement in particular areas of your home. Designed for homes with pets to prevent false alarms.

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