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Aged Care Security Melbourne

ADACS is a leader in aged care security in Melbourne, developing and monitoring personal alarms and other innovations for the elderly in Australia. We offer a full range of one and two button medical alert bracelets for elderly people wanting to retain their independence whilst still having access to reliable emergency assistance.

We provide safety and security in aged care with our range of elderly emergency alert systems that includes subtle and attractive security pendants for the elderly that can be activated in the event of an urgent medical matter, fire, intrusion or other emergencies. When pressed, these systems send a signal to the control room in order to notify emergency assistance – whether that is the police or medical response – so they can attend the premises as promptly as possible.

Designed to meet Australian health and safety standards, our personal alarm systems for seniors help ensure assistance is given to an old person when they need it most. Whether it’s an emergency alert necklace for elderly people who are at risk of falling in their home, or an alarm bracelet for someone with a dangerous allergy, we can provide an innovative product that gives them and their family peace of mind.

Our Range of Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors in Australia

Aged Care Feature BoxAs well as our emergency alert pendants for seniors, ADACS also offers a number of personal alarms for the elderly in the aged care industry.

Available with 24/7 back-to-base monitoring, these sophisticated systems include:

  • Intruder/burglar safety alarm for seniors
  • Digital CCTV
  • Security systems
  • Access control systems

Whatever your security monitoring requirements may be when it comes to security for the elderly, we can tailor our suite of products and services to meet them.

For more information on any of our personal alarms for the elderly – whether it’s an emergency wristband or an alarm for old people at a nursing home – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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