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Access ControlAccess Control Systems Windsor

ADACS Security provides a wide range of access control systems Windsor home and business owners can check out, from something simple as key access control systems to sophisticated intercom and access control systems.

We carry an arsenal of Integriti solutions, like the Integriti access control system. The Integriti security systems Windsor residential and commercial establishments have relied on gave them peace of mind once it has been installed by our certified Integriti installers. We also provide Integriti servicing Windsor companies and surrounds have requested from time to time.

More than just being Integriti software installers Windsor businesses have come to rely on, we offer you Inner Range Integriti’s latest product that unifies security, access control and building automation functions. Get the best Integriti security Windsor and surrounds will ever experience from ADACS Security Systems. Let us be your choice provider of Integriti security systems Windsor and surrounds have trusted for years now.

There are many reasons why you might want to control the level of access that people have to a specific area. For example, the owner of an apartment building may wish to prevent people from entering during the early hours of the morning, or the manager of a business may wish to prevent employees from accessing restricted areas without proper clearance. This is where video doorbells may come in handy.

One of the reliable products we have is Dahua video doorbells Windsor property owners and offices have been asking about. Dahua doorbells have passive IR motion detection and transmit video and audio to a mobile phone. We also have a range of Hikvision doorbells Windsor homes and offices are now using.

Whether you need to control the access that people have to restricted areas or you want to implement an upgraded access control system on your premises that will enable you to tidy up security clearances across the entire organisation, the specialists at ADACS can help. You can rely on us to provide you with a solution that works best for everyone involved.

Discover the Range of Security and Access Control Systems Available

ADACS offers a wealth of controlled access solutions to suit businesses and organisations of all types, enabling you to restrict or permit access to restricted areas on a temporary or indefinite basis. These access control solutions allow businesses to manage and control the flow of movement of authorised personnel into and out of areas whilst restricting entry to unwanted visitors and staff in designated areas.

Whether you require card access systems or CCTV access control solutions, you’ll find a large selection of security access control systems within our range. Our solutions are compatible with the very best brands, including:

  • Tecom security (including Tecom Challenger v10)
  • Concept security systems (including the Concept 4000 security system)
  • Inner range concept 4000
  • Challenger security system
  • Protégé
  • And many more

Your access control system can be easily integrated into other systems in your business, including CCTV and time and attendance records. This will provide you with the full-service solution you’ve been looking for.

Why Are Access Control Systems So Important?

Access control systems are crucial for the security of residential and commercial properties as well as the safety of occupants and employees inside. Whether you want to protect your valuable possessions from thieves or safeguard sensitive information from competitors, access control systems can be installed to help you control who does and does not have access to a designated area. Access control systems are also particularly useful for organisations where heavy foot traffic is commonplace and requires regulating.

The Management Tool You’ve Always Wanted

Access control systems are readily used to protect sensitive areas of your premises such as stock rooms, server rooms and manager’s offices that normally require restricted access. The ability to control employee and visitor movements within a business is a very important tool for management to achieve better operational efficiencies.

Learn More Today

ADACS is accredited on all of the major access control systems used in Australia. To learn more about everything from the Tecom Challenger v10 to the Concept 4000 and everything in between, call our sales specialists on 1800 002 300 or email

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