Security Alarm System Installation Melbourne

Security Alarm Systems

Whatever your security or monitoring needs, ADACS Security does a professional job of security system installation Melbourne and surrounds have ever seen. We can also provide a full suite of innovative products, services and coverage that will be expertly tailored for your specific requirements.

As a Tecom security solutions partner, ADACS Security uses Tecom management software installers Melbourne businesses have come to know. That means we only use original software for clients who have chosen Tecom for their security system platform. For Forcefield, we have our efficient Tecom Forcefield Installers Melbourne clients have experienced. We also have our Tecom Titan Software Installers Melbourne users of Titan management software would likely be familiar with. Whatever Tecom products our customers have chosen, there’s a team of Tecom installers Melbourne clients can look forward to, servicing them fully.

We also have a responsive team of Milestone software installers Melbourne users of Milestone camera systems can anticipate support. We cater to users of Axis surveillance cameras too with our skilful team of Axis camera installers Melbourne and surrounds can expect assistance from.

Why choose ADACS? 

Our partnership with Tecom, Forcefield, and Titan software ensures that you get top-notch service from our experienced installers. We offer support for Milestone and Axis camera systems, providing you with the latest in security technology.

For traditional security services we are experts when it comes to CCTV installations, access control systems, alarm systems, commercial alarm systems and 24/7 alarm monitoring, including our proprietary ADACS Web Connect platform.

Our next-generation security solutions include access control systems, Internet Protocol surveillance, retail video analytics with features like heat mapping and people counting, cloud monitoring, and biometrics like fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and number plate recognition.

We even offer video verification through smartphones, GPRS tracking for personal, vehicle, and asset security, and pet monitoring and surveillance.

As a national service and accreditation provider, we serve not only Melbourne but also New Zealand and Southeast Asia. With a dedicated in-house technical team, we are ready to assist you whenever you need us. ADACS Security is also proud to be an Axis Gold Partner and a corporate member of ASIAL, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service and professionalism.


Traditional Security Services
  • CCTV
  • Access control systems
  • Alarm systems
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring including proprietary ADACS Web Connect
  • Network cabling
Next Generation Security Solutions
  • Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance
  • Retail video analytics including heat mapping and people counting
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Biometrics including fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, number plate recognition
  • Video verification through Smart phones
  • Smart phone security
  • GPRS personal, vehicle and asset tracking
  • Pet monitoring and surveillance
National Service & accreditation
  • National provider for installation, service and monitoring. (Including New Zealand and SE Asia)
  • Dedicated ADACS employed technical team
  • Axis Gold Partner
  • Corporate Member of ASIAL

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